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12 Days of CASA


12 Days of CASA

This event is our end of the year Campaign where we set a goal of raising $12,000 in 12 days - from December 1-12 every year.

We solicit at least one Corporate Sponsor for each day of the Campaign, and we work to match that corporate donation from members of the community. We have been thrilled with the number of Corporate Sponsors as we have ended up with multiple sponsors for each day of the Campaign. Each Corporate Sponsor donates at least $500 for their designated day. To show our appreciation, we acknowledge each Sponsor multiple times on our social media accounts, and The Independent includes them in both the kick off story and the results story at the end of the Campaign.

We also solicit community members through Facebook, e-mail, phone calls, and through word of mouth. Each individual that makes a donation (of any amount) will also have their name printed on "the list" that will be featured in the results story in The Independent, as well.

Additionally, we solicit from local restaurants that agree to donate a gift card to their establishment, and all the donors each day are entered into a drawing for a chance to win a gift card. We also acknowledge the restaurants on our social media outlets, and in The Independent.

Throughout the Campaign, we continuously post thank you acknowledgements to every donor, and information about CASA on Facebook. Equally as important as raising funds, we work to raise awareness of our mission. It is our goal to secure both donors, and potential advocates for the program.

This event is a great way to make your tax-deductible donations. The Campaign is only successful because of the amazing community support that we receive. We are grateful that we have always met our goal, and even tripled it.