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How To Help

Donate to CASA of Northeast Kentucky Today!

We appreciate your support for our life-changing work with the nation’s most vulnerable children. By giving your generous one-time donation or joining our Friends of CASA Recurring Giving Campaign, you will be helping to serve kids right here in our community!

Children who have experienced abuse, dependency, or neglect face a frightening, profound unknown. Courtrooms, foster care, new schools.

A revolving door of well-meaning professionals. All while dealing with the trauma of abuse or neglect. During a child's time in the system, they might have dozens of social workers, attorneys, therapists, teachers, and caregivers -- but will only have one CASA volunteer. For many children, their CASA volunteer is the one consistent person in their life.

There are far too many children who have been abused and neglected who still need the powerful advocacy of a CASA volunteer. CASA of Northeast Kentucky, trains and supports CASA volunteers, who get to know each child and are by their side, advocating for their best interest in the courtroom and the community. CASA volunteers make sure each child's individual needs remain a priority in an overburdened child welfare system.

With your donation, you can support CASA of Northeast Kentucky as they recruit, train, and supervise more volunteers to advocate for the children of Boyd, Morgan, and Elliott Counties!